Mother & Baby

I don’t do a lot of family portraits or babies anymore but occasionally I can’t help myself when an ex-wedding client contacts me, or, a friend.  This is my good friend with her new baby.  I love the look of pure love in her eyes when she looks at her new bub – they are only so small for such a short time :-)

Have a lovely weekend everybody :-)

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Equestrian Themed Bridal Inspriation shoot at The Sydney Polo Club

Hello there,

It’s with great pleasure I bring you this shoot that has been waiting in the wings until it was officially published in the Styling Handbook out this month by Modern Weddings Magazine.

I worked with an incredible team to create these images and although it was a massive day for everyone involved – it was well worth it.

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Styling/Decor/Floristry: Oak & Linden
Decor/Napery: Papaya Homewares
Furniture/Stemware: My Brother Albert
Chargers/Napkin Rings: Pottery Barn
Venue/Polo Props: Sydney Polo Club
Invitation Suite/letterpress: D&D Letterpress
Cake and Desserts: Sweet Bloom
Wooden Place Cards/Straw-Flags/Cake Topper: Grain and Co
Bridal Couture Look 1: Rhonda Hemmingway
Bridal Couture Look 2: Sincerely Helen Rodriguez
Hair Accessories: Three Sunbeams
Hair and Makeup: Studio Petrina Milas
Videography: DnM Wedding Films

Angie & Nick’s wedding at Moby Dicks Whale Beach

Angie & Nick’s wedding was a much anticipated event, long in the planning all done by the gorgeous bride herself !  Most of their guests were coming up from Melbourne for the weekend as that is where Angie & Nick are from, so they had friends dotted all around whale beach for a few days.  I believe there was a spectacular after party and pool party ‘recovery’ the following day.

Angie’s vision for the day was really unique and totally ‘her’ personal style.  Angie is a stylist herself and make all the decorations – what a talent ! I adored her Jenny Packham gown and stunning flower crown from Wild Lotus.  As you can see it was quite a windy day -but this only added to the drama and excitement of the ceremony and did make for some great expressions.

This was my first time at Moby Dicks and boy was I impressed !  The food was incredible and I loved how it was served as a banquet rather than individual plates.  The view is of course perfect for a beach lover and although you can add your own special touches to the venue – it is quite spectacular just as it is.


With love,

Nerida x





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