Isabelle & Rohan Deckhouse Wedding Woolwich

Boy was this wedding hard to create a practical size blog post from ! I wanted to blog twice this many pics ! It was a massive day with so many great opportunities for photographs, romantic ones, funny ones, straight up beautiful ones … it was a very satisfying job to do.  Isabelle & Rohan’s day was quite magical on so many levels … a poignant ceremony, incredible weather for our location afterwards and a party and band that rocked the house all night.

Liz & Andrew at The Botanical Gardens

Liz & Andrew’s day was special.  I know Liz from my corporate photography and was so thrilled she asked me to cover her big day.  Her bridesmaids were all over it which I loved ! So helpful and never thinking of themselves.  We had great locations and simply, lots of love around.

Their perfect reception was in the heart of the Botanic Gardens Sydney at the Botanic Restaurant.

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Jasmine & Patrick’s wedding at Dunbar House

Jasmine & Patrick’s special day will be featured in the next issue of Bride To Be magazine !

It has to be my favourite wedding mag :-)

For the brides that like to know – Jasmine’s gown was from Essence of Australia, makeup by the ever lovely Megan Vaughan who recommended another favourite for Jasmine’s hair do Melissa Cauchi Hairdressing.

Nerida x

Alicia & Jeremy’s wedding at Loreto Kirribilli & Dunbar House

Alicia & Jeremy’s wedding was in February of this year but I never got around to blogging it so here goes.  They were too sweet a couple not to share.

I didn’t do prep for Alicia or Jeremy so the blog starts just prior to the ceremony.

I shot Alicia’s sister Lucie’s wedding a couple of years ago which you can see on the blog here and on Polka Dot Bride here.

Alicia and I went to the same school, Loreto Kirribilli, which has a lovely chapel with excellent light – albeit a million stairs to get there !

Their reception was a Dunbar House which I seem to be at every other weekend – you could ask for worse places to be working ! :-)  Seriously it’s a beautiful venue and location with great food and excellent service.

Alicia’s dress was made by Louise Alvarez and flowers by Plumbago.


Nerida x