Daisy Susan

I have a confession to make … my personal photos are a mess.  Well, not the photos themselves, but the organisation….put it this way I put all my time into making sure my client work is organised.   This means my own shots take a back seat … and as you can imagine – I have MANY MANY shots.  Especially since my dear Daisy Roo was born.  This is the little person that keeps me busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays when my ‘out of office’ is on – these pics are from a rainy day a couple of weekends ago, stuck inside.  Daisy insisted we dress up as fairies, wear hats, carry hand bags, wear band aids, and play hide and seek.  Isn’t she something else ? I never get tired of that face, that smile, those curls.  She is a true Angel for us and growing up way too fast.

Nerida x

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