Sally & Oliver’s wedding in Seal Rocks

Sally and Oliver’s wedding was really something different – for starters it was up North in Seal Rocks where I have never been before, and we do love getting out of Sydney to experience new scenery when shooting.

Sally was a bridesmaid at Nikki and Alex’s wedding last year and so I was thrilled she wanted me to cover her and Olivers special day.

Sally did a brilliant job of arranging the whole thing from London and there was even a shoe dress code which I thought was fun …. thongs for the guys and wedges for the girls !

Enjoy the pics!

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  • emma allen says:


    I love you photos. my partner and i are getting married later this year. we love seal rocks, could you tell me where this venue was for sally and oliver?


  • admin says:

    Hi Emma,
    Sally & Oliver’s ceremony was held at a place called Treachery Camp and their reception was held at a private residence.
    Good luck with your own wedding !

  • shannon says:

    hi nerida,

    was the house that the reception was held at in seal rocks or is it back at the palms or somewhere.. is it hired or a friends place? the house is perfect any info would be fab
    thanks shan

  • admin says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I’m afraid the reception was at a private home – the brides parents but it was in Seal Rocks :-)

  • Lorissa says:

    Hi, I am also hoping to get married at seal rocks, just wondering where you hired your marquee from and who did your catering?

  • Lorissa says:

    Sorry I realise those questions were for Sally but do you have any insight Nerida?

  • admin says:

    Hi Lorissa,
    I’ll get in touch with Sally and see if she still has the information and pass on to you.
    My apologies it’s so late I’ve been on maternity leave since June :-)

  • admin says:

    Hi Lorissa,

    I’ve heard back from Sally :-)

    The company they hired the marquee from was Billabong hire,

    And the caterers were Niels and his partner from Buddha by the beach.