Amanda, Jeff, Eve and Bella

I don’t do a lot of family sessions … but for some people I just can’t say no :-) That of course includes my beautiful friends Amanda & Jeff and their equally gorgeous offspring ! We had this session scheduled in for so many months and I couldn’t believe our terrible luck as it was raining heavily the night before and in the morning.  We decided to go ahead and do the shoot regardless, and I’m so glad we did as the rain held off a bit here and there and we still got some lovely moments of their little tribe. xoxo

Emma Blake Floral

Well hello there – and happy new year !

I wanted to start off the new year with this post of my great friend and talented colleague Emma Blake.  She kindly let me photograph her for a stock photography project I’m doing.  Emma and I met years and years ago and hit it off straight away – I love a girl with a great sense of humour and Emma has it in bucket-loads.

Emma does incredible arrangements – I just love her whimsy bouquets and choice of flora.  She is based in the stunning Southern Highlands of NSW – but will travel outside this area for special jobs as she did for this client where she set up the flowers for a marquee in Centennial Parklands.

I look forward to posting lots more in 2016.  I have a gorgeous new baby girl, Matilda who is now 6 months and we our out of the ‘fog’ so to speak, of the early days.  We’ve decided we have our hands full now with 2 amazing daughters so this is my last baby and I’m cherishing every moment ;-)

More soon!
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Liz & Andrew at The Botanical Gardens

Liz & Andrew’s day was special.  I know Liz from my corporate photography and was so thrilled she asked me to cover her big day.  Her bridesmaids were all over it which I loved ! So helpful and never thinking of themselves.  We had great locations and simply, lots of love around.

Their perfect reception was in the heart of the Botanic Gardens Sydney at the Botanic Restaurant.

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