Jennifer & David’s wedding at Sergeant’s Mess

Jenny & Dave came to see me with their divine curly topped little boy in tow.  They are both super down to earth and Dave is a big joker – he got me a few times on the wedding day, he is sharp as a tack !

Jenny wore one of Jennifer Regan’s creations who I can highly recommend – but with that figure let’s face it Jenny could have worn a rag and looked a million bucks !  It was great to see Bonita Chan in action again – Bonita did the makeup for my own engagement party and does really lovely work.

There is something really special about a wedding with two people who have already had children.  I can’t explain it, but there just seemed to be even more love in the air than usual – because of the kids.  They were an integral and very special part of the day for Jenny & Dave and it felt like the wedding was really completing the family as a unit.

The great thing about a lunchtime wedding with an outdoor ceremony at Sergeant’s Mess is the colour of the sky and water – a rich and vivid blue.  The afternoon ceremonies have a completely different colour – a muted blue with sunset tones which is just as pretty but different.   So our location photography was short and sweet prior to the reception – it was all about the people and the party for these guys and they had a ball.

I hope you’re all gearing up for a nice break over the festive season and are enjoying the wedding planning!
With love,
Nerida x