Lorretta & Nick at The Royal Automobile Club of Australia

It really is the best when I get to shoot wedding with people I know – not my nearest and dearest because of course – I’d like to be a guest instead ! But … siblings of friends mostly is what I mean.  Here I got to shoot my great friends brother and his blushing bride – what a treat it was to witness all their family gathering and celebrating in the one place.  These moments are so precious and meaningful and it’s an honour to make their tangible memories come to life.
I particularly loved Lorretta’s red lips and Nick’s army regalia.
I also got to shoot in a very sentimental church St Peter Chanel in Hunters Hill.  This is where I grew up and spent every Sunday morning as a youngster with my parents and younger brother – it holds many memories for me, of Christmas, of local friends and of many peaceful moments.  Congrats to these two lovebirds !