Sarah & Ben’s wedding at The Boathouse Palm Beach

Sweetness huh ?! I was so glad Sarah approached me to cover her and Ben’s intimate day after I shot her sister Laura’s wedding many years ago.  Sarah and Ben opted for a ‘first look’ for their location photos prior to the ceremony, so after the ‘deed was done’ they could get straight into partying with their family and friends.  Ben had a lot of family travel from Italy for the wedding and I have to say I love to photograph Italians at an emotional event like a wedding – they’re so passionate and don’t hide it !  Ben’s Dad made their very special secret family recipe Tiramisu Cake for the end of the night which was an incredibly personal touched that I just loved.

Vendors: Makeup by India Dwyer Gown from Marry Me Bridal Hair by Portfolio Hair Band from The White Tree Flowers by Wild Lotus Florist


Angie & Nick’s wedding at Moby Dicks Whale Beach

Angie & Nick’s wedding was a much anticipated event, long in the planning all done by the gorgeous bride herself !  Most of their guests were coming up from Melbourne for the weekend as that is where Angie & Nick are from, so they had friends dotted all around whale beach for a few days.  I believe there was a spectacular after party and pool party ‘recovery’ the following day.

Angie’s vision for the day was really unique and totally ‘her’ personal style.  Angie is a stylist herself and make all the decorations – what a talent ! I adored her Jenny Packham gown and stunning flower crown from Wild Lotus.  As you can see it was quite a windy day -but this only added to the drama and excitement of the ceremony and did make for some great expressions.

This was my first time at Moby Dicks and boy was I impressed !  The food was incredible and I loved how it was served as a banquet rather than individual plates.  The view is of course perfect for a beach lover and although you can add your own special touches to the venue – it is quite spectacular just as it is.


With love,

Nerida x



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