Ben & Marika – prep

Hi Folks,

It seems with a little one in day care sometimes our house has just cold after cold – but we soldier on :-)

Today I’m busy doing some non-wedding photography related tasks and businessy stuff – not the fun stuff like shooting and creating blog posts ! But running a small business involves so many ‘pies’.

There are soooooo many shots I want to include from Ben & Marika’s wedding in a blog post it will end up being huge.  For now, I’ll post these prep shots and next week show you some more.

If you would like to see a snapshot of their day you can see more on their facebook album here.

I love Ben & Marika because they exude the most incredible electric energy as a couple – you just know they are soul-mates.  I also shot their engagement session which you can see some of here – and I really think this helped them relax on the day and was great for our relationship to already be established by their wedding day and I had their trust.

With love and sniffles,