Phae & Steven’s wedding … Southern Highlands

Hi readers,

I usually don’t write very much with my blog posts … I think that you’d much rather look at pictures than listen to ‘me’!  But apparently (so I’ve been told) … some of you would actually like to hear my ‘voice’ from time to time :-)

I shot this wedding the day before I left for my 3 week South Africa trip in April.  Phae had me in mind as her photographer for a long time, so most of all, I hope she is happy with the results.

She was a very glamourous bride surrounded by glamazon bridesmaids as well, who were all a delight!

I love shooting in the Southern Highlands because the environment is so lush, there are manicured gardens, there are open spaces and of course, the vineyards … you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy …

With love,

Nerida x