Bridget & Tim’s wedding … Ireland

Lucky me and Mr. M have been in the Whitsundays for the past week – so there is no wedding to post from this last weekend … but I will post some holidays snaps from Hayman soon :-)

Instead, I decided to schedule a post for you that I completely forgot to do ages ago !

I showed you some candid shots of Bridget & Tim’s wedding a while back, and never ended up showing you the rest of the day.

This wedding was … in no uncertain terms – epic – it started at 10am and lasted till 4am the next day.  Well I lasted till 4am – everyone else lasted till sunrise – a true Irish celebration.

It ended up being the hottest May day for decades in Ireland with really sunny skies – who knew !  I was looking forward to the moody lighting and overcast light but it was just like a summer day in Sydney with the sun setting at about 10pm !

Mr. M was one of the groomsmen – can you guess which one he might be :-0 ?