Karen & Iain’s wedding at Vaucluse House & Dunbar House

We had a spectacular Autumn Sunday for Karen & Iain’s wedding in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in early March.  Karen’s incredible Justin Alexander gown was stunning to photograph as was her flawless look created by Amy ChanRobyn Pattison is one of Sydney’s most loved Celebrants and is always a pleasure to work with making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a pretty colourful bouquet (my Brides tend to like white and pastel) and these lovelies from Best Buds suited the colour scheme of the wedding perfectly.

Dunbar House provided the usual gourmet delights as did Faye Cahill the classic cake.
Wishing Karen & Iain a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment in their married lives !

Nerida x


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Alicia & Jeremy’s wedding at Loreto Kirribilli & Dunbar House

Alicia & Jeremy’s wedding was in February of this year but I never got around to blogging it so here goes.  They were too sweet a couple not to share.

I didn’t do prep for Alicia or Jeremy so the blog starts just prior to the ceremony.

I shot Alicia’s sister Lucie’s wedding a couple of years ago which you can see on the blog here and on Polka Dot Bride here.

Alicia and I went to the same school, Loreto Kirribilli, which has a lovely chapel with excellent light – albeit a million stairs to get there !

Their reception was a Dunbar House which I seem to be at every other weekend – you could ask for worse places to be working ! :-)  Seriously it’s a beautiful venue and location with great food and excellent service.

Alicia’s dress was made by Louise Alvarez and flowers by Plumbago.


Nerida x