Caiomhe & Warwick’s wedding at Cerretti Chapel and Aqua Dining

I do love it when a couple choose a fine dining restaurant such as Aqua Dining for their reception over a wedding venue – it’s just different and fun :-)

Caiomhe got ready at their home in Manly – not far from their ceremony location Cerretti Chapel which is housed in the grounds of the International College of Management Sydney.

As you can see it was 4 seasons in one day at this wedding !  I also love it when couples have their own children as flower girls and page boys – you can see their adorable little blonde toddler amongst it all.

Nerida x

P.S. for more of my work at Aqua Dining click here.

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Pretty Bridesmaids

Hello readers,

I’m back from an amazing 3 week break in South Africa.  Wow what an amazing place – I fell in love with Cape Town and would be quite happy shooting weddings in the wine valley’s of Franschhoek with it’s spectacular scenery and incredible wines.

Although there was feet stomping and furrowed brows as the holiday came to a close – who wants a holiday to end ?! … I did have a ‘falling in love with Sydney all over again’ moment this morning overlooking the harbour at sunrise on my morning walk.  What a lucky girl I am :-)

While I was away, my fabulous team were busy with post production, enquiries and orders …. so I have just looked through all of Phae & Steven’s photos that I took the day before I left.

They do have a facebook album and here is  an extra cute shot by my second shooter Anika.

I will do a full post on their wedding in a few weeks.

If you have any enquries or questions about your wedding feel free to get in touch.

Nerida x