Sarah & Ben’s wedding at The Boathouse Palm Beach

Sweetness huh ?! I was so glad Sarah approached me to cover her and Ben’s intimate day after I shot her sister Laura’s wedding many years ago.  Sarah and Ben opted for a ‘first look’ for their location photos prior to the ceremony, so after the ‘deed was done’ they could get straight into partying with their family and friends.  Ben had a lot of family travel from Italy for the wedding and I have to say I love to photograph Italians at an emotional event like a wedding – they’re so passionate and don’t hide it !  Ben’s Dad made their very special secret family recipe Tiramisu Cake for the end of the night which was an incredibly personal touched that I just loved.

Vendors: Makeup by India Dwyer Gown from Marry Me Bridal Hair by Portfolio Hair Band from The White Tree Flowers by Wild Lotus Florist


Karen & Iain’s wedding at Vaucluse House & Dunbar House

We had a spectacular Autumn Sunday for Karen & Iain’s wedding in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in early March.  Karen’s incredible Justin Alexander gown was stunning to photograph as was her flawless look created by Amy ChanRobyn Pattison is one of Sydney’s most loved Celebrants and is always a pleasure to work with making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a pretty colourful bouquet (my Brides tend to like white and pastel) and these lovelies from Best Buds suited the colour scheme of the wedding perfectly.

Dunbar House provided the usual gourmet delights as did Faye Cahill the classic cake.
Wishing Karen & Iain a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment in their married lives !

Nerida x


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Akemi & Phil’s wedding at Vaucluse House & Neilson Park

Beautiful Akemi in her Adam Dixon gown was simply radiant the day she married her long time sweetheart Phil.

They found me via Vaucluse House Tearooms where I am proudly a preferred supplier and have been for many years.  It really is a perfect spot for your ceremony and reception.  There is something relaxed about days where couples have their ceremony, location photos and reception all in the one place.  There is no where to drive, get stuck in traffic or find it hard to park – it’s all there and very private despite being a public space.

We did head off for a short amount of time around the corner to Nielson Park – just the two of them.

Enjoy the shots from what was a spectacular day.

Nerida x


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Natalie & Chris’s wedding at Chateau Elan & Wandin Valley – Hunter Valley

It’s been a while since we were in the Hunter for a wedding – I think even over 2 years – although I have been there for pleasure since then :-)

Natalie & Chris’s wedding was particularly beautiful – you can’t go wrong with a mix of Mira Mandic, Kilts, Slide McBride and clear blue skies.  It was a first to shoot at Wandin Valley and after the night had ended (for us) I realised what a perfect venue this was for Natalie & Chris.

There was a great energy all day and I think we captured it pretty well.  You could feel the love and friendship in the atmosphere, and with everyone laughing and joking all night it was hard not to feel a part of it all.

It was a 32 degree day but not one complaint from stunning Natalie and handsome Chris who must have been very hot – they were just having a ball.

It’s December and wow what a year it’s been – a couple more weddings for you before Christmas coming up and then I look forward to doing a ‘faves of 2013’ post in the new year.

Nerida x